Friday 3 September 2010

Hello Weekend!

Well it's time for another break, I have been spoilt!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I will be organising a giveaway when I return. Lola's Room has 3999 hearts! I need to celebrate!

If you have a minute, check out the sale section in Lola's Room, only one of each print is available. Prices have been halved, 8x8" prints are now $12 instead of $25 and 5x5" prints are now $8 instead of $17.

There are still goodies available over at Cassia Beck too! Check out the sale section there.

Dancing to the Radio
Dancing to the Radio



  1. now you have 4000! i'm such a fan of your work!

  2. girl, your style is so lovely. your color choices are exquisite and your proportions and layouts in your photographs are SO beautifully done!

    I love you stuff :)