Tuesday 31 August 2010


I have returned from my rest, it was so lovely to see my family and have a break from work. I am on holiday again next week so I am feeling very lucky right now.
I feel comfortable taking my two year old son on long train journies now so we are visiting my parents as much as we can, they want to see him grow up!

This means my blog has taken a back seat lately but will be regular when I return.

I have created a temporary sale section in my shop, Cassia Beck. There are a limited number of prints available and the prices have been cut by half!
Selected 5x5" prints are $8 instead of $17 and selected 8x8" prints are $12 instead of $25. Bargain!

Happy shopping.



  1. I just love your work. Brings back fond memories of my visit to Brighton!

  2. Wonderful! I've just treated myself to the Upsy Daisy print. x

  3. Thank you Pam!
    Thank you Lou, your print will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy!