Monday 8 June 2009

Would you like a free print?

It's time for another giveaway!

I am offering "Blossom" a 5 x 5" matt print for you to put in your favourite frame.

All you have to do is visit my shop, have a good look around then come back here and tell me which is your favourite photograph and why. Please put your answer in the comment box below.

The competition closes on Sunday 14th June at 6pm, UK time. I will draw the winner out of a hat. The winner will be contact by email on the same day.

Good luck everyone!


  1. This was a really difficult choice - your shop being crammed full with such beautiful photgraphs! But, I think my favourite is 'The view' because it's so full of seaside summer nostalgia.

  2. i can't choose one.
    i'd have to say that i love carousel
    and blossom
    and helter skelter
    and the tea cup
    plus anything with the sky in it
    which is pretty much every picture.
    i'd love to see you do some tiltshift shots.

  3. weee, i'd love to win one of your lovely prints! hard to choose a fave, it really is, but if i must i must. i'd have to say 'Carousel By
    The Sea' - there's so much magic waiting to happen there.

    (also, 'Staring at the Sun'...see, can't pick just one)

  4. Hi Cassia, great idea. After much umming and ahhing, I'd have to say "the Hanging Garden" was my favourite, although it was a tough choice. Something about the colours and the composition, I think - I do love those shots with the tree branches reaching down from above.

    Really must tend to my etsy shop again soon... Thanks for the inspiration.

    - graham / exmosis

  5. this waas soooo hard!
    but after a rough decition I have to say that
    A Love Affair Rekindled is my favorite print!
    because first of all. its a convination of a merry joy ride with an englands flag. so you live in england and your trying to say how fun it is to live there! and I strongly agree with you! its a wonderful and beatiful place1

  6. I love the Magnolia print - I think the way the light shines on the Magnolia is divine!


  7. All your photos are great, but if I have to choose one , my fave is "Staring at the sun ", because it´s inspiring , and the colours in it are beautiful !

  8. Choosing is so difficult! I guess I would pick "Hungry Wolf". I love the blue rose fabric and the little plastic, slightly menacing looking wolf.

  9. My avourite photograph would definitely be the Shooting Star print. Il just love the blue tone of the sky contrasted with the purple of the flowers.
    These flowers remind me of edelweiss flowers : rare and beautiful, as are shooting stars most of the year. I just want to make a wish and kiss my fiance...