Tuesday 9 June 2009

The Circus

A circus which still uses live animals was the hot topic in the local news this morning. Love it or hate it, here are some circus themed products found on etsy.

Next week the theme will be Travel...

Sellers from left to right:

Top row
marysgranddaughter, twelfthdimension, LoversLaundry
Middle row
BettsyKingston, JameSSpicer, fatcrowpress
Bottom row
lisachow, marileejanedesigns, mamaslittlebabies

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  1. Thanks for including my "greta is not amused" brooch. I am personally opposed to live animals in the circus. Greta eventually gets rescued from circus life by two of my other characters henry and fern and she lives out the rest of her life in a lovely forest. I wish I could say the same for the poor bear in Germany. Simply heartbreaking.

  2. Such a beautiful collection, I always have a soft spot for all things circus.