Tuesday 16 June 2009


Summer is almost here, the weather is hotting up and many of us are dreaming of holidays.

The anticipation of the journey to a faraway place is so exciting for me.
Waiting at the airport or catching a train.
Wondering what my destination will be like.
New smells, sounds and sights, new tastes and different air.

I looked around etsy with travel in mind, here's what I found.


Sellers from left to right:

Top row
somavenus, WalkingToJericho, CassiaBeck
Middle row
OIive, jenaardell, GetReadySetGO
Bottom row
JacqleenBleu, VintageVacations, Earmark

Next week the theme will be red...


  1. oh, I love the vacation themed items, your yellow luggage photo is lovely!

  2. i know exactly what you mean! I'm headed to Italy & Scotland the week after next and my tummy is all butterfly excitement.

    i can't even post about it on my journal in case my dad sees (we're surprising him for his birthday).

  3. Thank you so much Brayton Homestead Interiors :)

    Flying Whale, How exciting, even more so with the surprise! Have a fantastic time!

  4. Great collection Cassia! Makes me want to pack my bags and get away... :)