Sunday 28 March 2010

Free Prints!

I have been working on the look of my blog and hope you like it. I am not sure if it is finished, I expect I will make some small changes here and there.
As a thank you for your support and kind comments I am giving away two free 8x8" prints to one lucky winner.

All you have to do is pop over to Cassia Beck or Lola's Room (or both!), choose two of your favourite 8x8" prints and leave a comment below. If you win, these choices will be your prize so pick carefully and be sure to leave either your email address or a link to a website where I can contact you.

This giveaway closes on Wednesday 31st March at midnight (UK time).


  1. I've been admiring your photography for a while, Cassia. Such soft and beautifully lit images. Your giveaway is most generous, and truthfully, I'd be delighted to hang any of your prints on my studio wall! However, if push came to shove it would have to be The Book Collection and Cotton - they are calling to me:)

  2. Looking lovely! and your images are always a pleasure to browse through, although I am a fan of both shops for their unique styles I've picked images from Lola's room. 'The Day is Done' and 'Instant Dreams', I always like your play on titles and blossom means springtime and change, good times!

  3. I am new but very enthusiastic fan of yours!
    Your work is so beautiful and each photo is brilliant.
    How can I pick 2 favs...???? Torture!
    After much debate I picked Hello Dolls and Travel Stories.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!
    All the best, your biggest fan in Canada
    Lisa :)

  4. I love them all!
    Ach, this is so hard!
    Hmm, I think my favourites are Helter Skelter from CassiaBeck, and Self from LolasRoom.
    Your photographs are just fantastic!

  5. Cassia, your blog looks so great! I know it takes a lot of work, I just started mine last week, and it's so time consuming. Love your work, my two faves are....Instant Dreams from Lola's Room and Magnolia Falls from CassiaBeck. Very hard to choose! Good job, lady!
    -Mandy (

  6. This took me forever to narrow down, since they're all favorites! I guess if I absolutely had to choose 2 to have hanging in my apartment, I'd pick "The Book Collection" and "A Letter to You" from Lola's Room. They're lovely.

  7. I absolutely love all the pictures and the style you keep in every photo, just amazing.
    I think I will choose The Day is Done and Camera Love from LolasRoom.
    And I do like the new layout, it corresponds to your pictures.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. oh this is simply marvelous! your photos are so ethereal! favorites are....
    (i've always loved this one!)


    the blog looks fantastic, by the way =]

  9. I will agree with everyone else. Narrowing down my pics to only two is terribly hard, but will do! I would love Magnolia from Folksy if possible and a Love Affair Rekindled. Can't wait to see new photos, keep it up!

  10. Oh, so difficult! Well I already have some of your prints from Cassia Beck, so I'd choose Sweet Shop Cotton from Lola's Room. Love your work!

  11. Your work is so amazing. Love the new look of the blog. Very nice! So hard to choose, but I think Shelter would be lovely. Email Thanks for all the beauty you put into the world!

  12. I just stumbled over your work and could NOT love it more...WOW...I´m seriously in love <3
    It was really hard to chose, but "Softly Softly" and "Imagination" from LolasRoom would fit perfectly into my 10 months old daughter´s room :)
    Keep up the beautiful work!

  13. It is so hard to choose only two,
    and I just want to win so bad!!!
    There is such a lovely calm in your pictures
    you must be a real cool gal. And I adore your color palette. Any way, these are the two I pick:


  14. Your blog is looking lovely - so pretty and fresh.

    I adore all of your images so this was a difficult decision but I think my favourites are 'Hotel' from Lola's Room and 'Upsy Daisy' from Cassia Beck.

    Fingers crossed ....

    Claire x (

  15. How lovely! Your blog is looking fantastic! I'm always so inspired by your photos.

    I would love Shelter and Hide and Seek.

  16. Hello, Cassia - your images and blog (and shops) are so lovely - what a generous giveaway!

    My first choice would be 'The Sea, The Sea' because your image reminds me of when I lived in Margate as a child (I am from Canada), and I have a clear memory of my grandfather taking me for a stroll along the cliff's grasses and singing, 'Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do' and the sounds of the sea - one of my happiest childhood memories - I loved living by the sea. Also, going to the beach with my kids is my favourite part of every year :) So every time I look at it, I'll think of those happy times :)

    My second choice, is 'Parisian Weekend' because I've always loved art nouveau, and my husband and I are very excited because we're going to Paris this June, both of us for the first time in our lives, to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary - that city has been calling to us for some time! So every time I look at your lovely image, I'll smile about our trip to Paris!

    I really love the tones of your images - so calming and blissful :) thanks for your consideration!

  17. Oh! I know you are going to have so many entries for this...
    Magnolia Falls
    The Palace

    x tractorgirl

  18. i love your camera prints!! the diana, & polaroid, and all the others!! your photos are always amazing.

  19. Hey Cassia, lovely to browse through your work - truly stunning. I want to jump into the pictures! My two favourites - after careful consideration 'A love Affair Rekindled' & 'The View'. I don't usually go in for Brighton seafronty type images but I think you've got it just right with these. Inspirational. Did you see the article I wrote about you for The Brighton Collective

  20. wow, this is so generous. fingers crossed!

    i love:

    that was such a hard choice! thanks again for doing this! :)

  21. all sooo lovely! my favourites, if pressed would have to be "magnolia falls" from cassiabeck, and "butterfly cake" from lola's room. :)

  22. yay!

    could i decide later maybe? it's late, haha


  23. awesome! i would LOVE this one if i win.

    thank you so much! :)
    (eemilyclairee on flickr)

  24. Oh how exciting! I love your work :)
    I adore these two prints:
    xoxo cait

  25. I have only recently discovered your work, and am so glad I have.
    It has reminded me why I love photography and film so much, and even made me get out and be creative again!
    My two favourite prints ( at the moment! ) are Magnolia falls and Tea or Coffee.
    Thank you!

  26. Your blog looks gorgeous cassia and I'm going to be greedy and enter this one - I can't seem to get enough of your photography :)

    I love travel stories and cotton reels from Lola's Room. Stop adding more gorgeous photos lol

  27. I was told to come and look at your shop by Romy!

    Beautiful prints, but my two faves are sweet memories and our song, they would make a lovely set

  28. eeeeep - only two faves? That is torturous. After a big argument with my self, I chose A dear friend and It's time to go, both LolasRoom.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

    I love the blog too - I adore your inspiration mood boards.

  29. How fun!
    Hard choice, but I ended up with Instant Dreams and Mint - I just love vintage cameras. Both are from Lolas Room.

    I love all your photos!


  30. Wow, your photos are so beautiful! My two favorites are Self and The Shoe Collection. (both from Lola's room)

  31. I love your photos and they really are inspiring me to take some artier photos! So it would be great to have some hanging up in my room to inspire me every morning!
    It's a tough choice but I think I would go with Upsy Daisy and Shelter, they go so nicely together!

  32. What a lovely idea. :)

    I absolutely love Carousel by Cassia Beck
    and Sweet shop by Lola.

    I think their prints are adorably cute :) I love the colour scheme, and faded pastels is my email address.

    Wishful thinking.

  33. The giveaway is now closed.
    The winner will be announced later today.

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments!