Wednesday 3 March 2010

Etsy Showcase

This collection contains just a few of my favourite shops and items on etsy.
I could just buy them all!

A Few of my Favourites

Sellers from left to right:

vintageavacado . iheartfink . annasee

postroadvintage . johnnyvintage . everydayeros

whiteowl . Ninainvorm . spinthread

Don't forget my winter blues offer is still on in both of my shops!


  1. If you can grab one, you should make an etsy treasury! =)

  2. I second the treasury suggestion! :) This is beautiful and thank you for including my work amongst such amazing company!

  3. I love to look at your pics - so calming!!!

    I've just nominated you for a blog award :o)

    Helen x

  4. Everything looks so pretty together! Thank you so much for including our necklace :)

  5. Thanks all!
    I will try to make a treasury, if I can grab one!