Friday 19 November 2010

Looking Ahead....

If you are super organised and looking to buy a calendar already, I have six mini calendars to choose from!

If you visit Cassia Beck on Etsy or Folksy you will find:

The Sea
Mini Calendar - The Sea


...and finally Flowers

If Lola's Room is more your style pop in to Etsy or Folksy where you will find:


Calendar - Floral

Camera Love
Camera Love

....and last but not least Lola's Room

You can also customise the calendars so they include your favourite images from my shops. Just purchase any calendar then contact me with your choices!

At the end of each month just cut out the print and frame it!


  1. I love the colours in your photos! I'm quite enamoured with Lola's Room!

  2. i cant wait for your stuff to go on sale again! i've got my eye on a few of your postcards and calendars! your photo's are beautiful xx

  3. Hello lady I just wondering
    these shoot colors like cottoncandy.So cute
    What kind of action you got ?