Friday 15 October 2010

Hello Weekend!

I am feeling so tired at the moment, possibly the change in the weather?
As I have no plans this weekend I am going to make it a quiet one.
Maybe some lunch in town, a rummage in the market and a stroll with my camera.
My idea of heaven.

What are you doing?

Hello Weekend!
Have a wonderful weekend! x


  1. same here. it's cold and grey. so maybe I just stay home and start catching up on the books I didn't read this summer.

    I love your photos, and love your blog. thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Oh, that sounds like a great weekend to me. Have fun! I'm off for my second baby scan tomorrow. So that's pretty exciting. :)

  3. it's been a while since i dropped by and oh my, have i regretted much. i've missed out on heaps. but well, i'll be here to stay from now on. :)

    your prints are all very gorgeous, i must say. really, really gorgeous. you've got such a creative eye, and i love all your works!

    my weekend has been really hot so far, and it's already sunday now (midnight over here). gotta catch up on my assignments, and studies. but before that, i'm gonna take a deep breath and enjoy a little of my sunday first.

    have a lovely weekend, love. xx

    p/s: i've added you to my blogroll of magical pit stops!

  4. You're in my wish list treasury:

    Hope you like :)

  5. what a beautiful composition
    these photos are wonderful, I love!
    you are very talented

  6. Just found you via Flickr. My compliments for your lovely blog!