Thursday 17 June 2010

Thursday Love - Letters

When I was young I wrote letters daily.
My best friend and I wrote to each other regularly even though we saw each other every day and lived a few miles apart.
I had various pen pals from all over the world and I wrote love letters to boyfriends while I was at college and university.

So much effort went into the presentation. I moved away from envelopes and began sending small boxes which I decorated like a collage, gifts and mixtapes were included. The excitement when the postman arrived with letters for me was wonderful.
Those were the days!

Please click on the image and then the links on flickr to find out who the talented photographers are.


  1. do a close up of the type writer sitting on the sand without the table. i will buy it. i love your way. you are so cool.

  2. Unfortunately these are not my photos. The photo you are talking about is by the lovely Yvette Inufio
    You should contact her, I am sure she would do that for you if she hasn't done it already!
    Thank you though!

  3. I love old handwritten letters (and mixtapes, too:) They're so romantic♥

  4. I love your taste in photos. :) I met you through Flickr, and somehow found out you have a blog here :)

  5. This is so romantic, i love it!
    I had a long distance relationship (9years) with a boyfriend, so many letters, I remember the excitement of opening an envelope, now I'm married to him :D