Thursday 14 January 2010

Thursday Love - Dancing

I miss going to a pub, getting drunk and then going dancing!
Since having a child, it just hasn't happened enough.
Let's dance!



  1. I remember the days I could dance all night!
    I just did a post about your 365 days in Colour collection. So inspirational x liz

  2. Love your sincerity. Since I have 3 small children, I feel exactly the same way. But somehow do not tend to show it on the outside, cause people then go ''how can you say that, look at those little angels of yours, aren't they the best thing that has ever happened to you''. Of corse they are, but ... Oh, well.

  3. Thank you Betty Jo!

    Sandra, I know what you mean. There is nothing wrong with wishing for a little bit of freedom here and there. I'd say we deserve it!

  4. I'm so totally with you on thhis! Let's dance!

    love + luck + bliss,
    missysue xox