Sunday 19 July 2009

Brrrng Brrrrng Hello!

I love rotary phones, they remind me of my childhood.

Brrrng Brrrrrng!

Left to right:
Top row
VictorianFancies, jwhite2, urbanlotusboutique

Middle row
AquaVelvet, studiosmith, inmynest

Bottom row
jwhite2, TheLovelys, elitas


  1. I do too! still use one although a bit of a pain -was in my fathers office, so cool...

  2. these are sooo cool, i really want a re-conditioned pink one for my house! :)

  3. Brayton Homestead Interiors - I remember it took a very long time to dial a number!

    Photos by Rosie - I dream of a red one but pink sounds pretty cool too!