Tuesday 5 May 2009

I Have a New Brooch!

I came home to a package today, it was a sweet brooch by Betty Jo Designs.

I had a tough time choosing! I narrowed it down to the Sparrow or the Umbrella, Suzie Sparrow won in the end. My brooch arrived beautifully packaged and attached to a pretty playing card, I also received a Betty Jo postcard which looks like it was printed in the 1950s, beautiful!

These quirky creations are made using cut lino and buttons, they are little treasures!

Visit Betty Jo's blog here.


  1. Very cute brooch!!

  2. Thanks, I love my prints, and sparrow looks very happy.

  3. I know that I already say it, but, I need to say it again : I love your brooch sooo much! It's wonderful! <3