Tuesday 17 March 2009

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

This sunny morning was spent taking photographs on Brighton seafront.
It was so beautiful, I felt at home.

Just before I gave birth to my son, I desperately wanted to move back to Devon.
My childhood was so much fun; cycling along country lanes, running through fields....bliss! I want the same for my children.

Since Milo was born I have fallen back in love with Brighton. It is vibrant, friendly, photogenic and I can walk everywhere. Oh, and we live by the sea! How cool is that?


I am not quite ready for the quiet life just yet.

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  1. Brighton IS lovely!

    i had the best mussels ever on the beachfront there, in that little cafe that you climb the stairs to, and all of a sudden you're up above the beach. it was the beginning of spring, still cold, and they brought out steaming earthenware bowls of garlic, white-wine & cream soaked mussels served with lashings of garlic bread.
    oh man they were good!

  2. Oh, that sounds so good!

    Memories like that last forever.